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1. Many of our furkids have experienced continuing issues even after being put on a grain-free diet (canned, raw or both). Perhaps some of those issues can be resolved or at least improved by correcting nutritional deficiencies that were caused by the kibble damaging the gastro-intestinal system.  Improving aborption by adding apple cider vinegar to aid digestive enzymes, feeding a balanced, species-appropriate diet, and removing as many environmental toxins as possible, may help.


2. Balance is super-important. I had thought the problems would resolve just by removing the grains and adding some raw to Mr. Fluffy's diet. Maybe I had assumed that the supplements in the canned food, and the commercial raw, would help balance things out (which still wouldn't correct existing deficiencies). But I hadn't fed bone or organ. Those who feed prey-model advise a diet of 80% meat, 10% secreting organ (5% of which is liver) and 10% bone. So Mr. Fluffy hadn't been getting a balanced diet, and because of that, any nutritional deficiencies probably hadn't been corrected, and/or possibly made worse.


In the Pottenger's cats study, the cats that thrived were fed raw meat, cod liver oil (an excellent source of good Omega’s) and raw milk. My focus had been on the meat aspect. I had completely forgotten that they also need the minerals and fats in their diet.


3. Make your pet's environment as toxin-free as possible.  If you smoke, stop, both for your sake and your pet's.  Keep the chemicals to a minimum by using natural cleaners like vinegar and baking soda.  Use filtered water (distilled water doesn't contain minerals, and using it can take minerals from the body.  I don't recommend it for drinking).  Every change, no matter how small, can make a difference.


There's no guarantee that the information on this site will "cure" your pet of the damage that's been done by kibble.  I don't know if all the puzzle pieces have been found.  But I hold on to this hope:  In the nutritional course I took, the instructor kept telling us to trust the body. I think what she meant is that if you give the body the nutrients it needs, and the things it needs to use them (for example, ACV to add to the stomach acid), it will heal itself. I would like to think it's possible. If nothing else, at least it may improve quality of life.


We do the best we can.  And if we know more, we can do more.

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