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Recommended Websites

In my opinion, the "go to "websites for learning what your cat should be eating:


The “go to” websites for treating feline diabetes. My guess is this information would be extremely helpful for those with diabetic dogs as well:



This is a great website to check out if your cat has Irritable Bowel Disease:



A good website to address feline constipation:



This vet has been in practice for over 40 years and treats chronic illness in pets, e.g. allergies, cancer, ibd, epilepsy, autoimmune diseases, etc., by treating hormone imbalances with very low (not pharmaceutical) doses of cortisol and thyroid medication.  His book is listed on the Recommended Reading page, and his website is also worth a look and may help your pet:



This is a great forum for pet-parents. The folks here are helpful, supportive, and very nice. Many have also learned the hard way about species-appropriate diets for their pets, and are very willing to share what they’ve learned:



This is an excellent resource for nutrition and natural feline health care, especially the Article Library:



Another good resource for natural cat care:



None of my vets ever gave me the advice here about pilling my cats. Sadly, I learned the hard way:



A very good piece on the Pet Food Industry:



If your kitty is strictly indoor, and happens to get out, this site has some really great tips for how to get him or her back:


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