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Welcome to KittyShark!

"KittyShark?" you may ask.  What could cats and sharks possibly have in common?


Both are obligate carnivores.  Would you feed popcorn to a shark?  No, of course not.  And yet, we feed "popcorn" to cats and dogs all the time and without a second thought.  Feeding dry food, aka kibble, can lead to a variety of health problems, including allergies, arthritis, kidney disease, and irritable bowel disease.


This site is to help pet parents, particularly those who live with and love cats, improve their pets' quality of life if their health has been damaged by eating dry food.  It is especially for those cats that still have digestive issues such as vomiting and regurgitating, even if they are now on a grain-free wet diet.


If you live with and love dogs, this site may be helpful for you as well.


I hope you find the information here useful.  Purrs!

Would you feed popcorn to a shark?  Then why would you feed kibble to a dog or cat?

They are all carnivores and must have meat.

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